Generate revenue directly from emails with a drag & drop email builder and realtime pricing

Built for wine & spirits

Don't waste time and money on generic tools that don't meet your needs, or that require costly technical integrations. Create and deliver content that your customers will love:
time savings

Grow your business


Save time

Generate email offers in minutes, with a database of information on 500,000+ wine & spirits.


Intelligent assistant

AI writer trained in beverage alcohol marketing drafts product notes for you.


Stay compliant

Ensure TTB spirits marketing compliance with features like ABV % verification.

Integrates with systems you use today

time savings

Drive sales with events + email marketing

Combine Email Sales & Marketing and Event Management to build a loyal following and keep your guests coming back for more.
Email marketing and event management combine to drive attendance and sales

Pay less for better results

BevSuite is not only better—it’s also cheaper.
Volume   Mailchimp     Klaviyo     BevSuite  
6K customers, 24K emails $135 $130 $73
16K customers, 64K emails $260 $375 $113
27K customers, 108K emails $310 $450 $157
Unlike some other email marketing platforms, we don't charge for:
You just pay a low monthly fee and a small incremental cost for emails sent. See our Pricing page for details.