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"With BevSuite I'm saving hours every week, and I get better results than I did with Mailchimp. It’s a win-win."

Magid Nazari
Owner, Ludwig's Fine Wine & Spirits
BevSuite helps you create promotional emails 10x faster

10x faster

Jump-start your emails with real-time pricing and aggregated data on more than 500,000 wines and spirits. No more hunting down information to copy and paste.

10x better

BevSuite uses the latest AI technology to generate catchy, high-performing subject lines and product notes, which you can then edit to your liking.

BevSuite's AI-powered content generation eliminates writer's block
BevSuite is purpose built for wine & spirits retail

Simplify and lower costs

Stop struggling with costly generic tools that give you too much of what you don’t need. BevSuite is optimized for beverage alcohol marketing and costs less than those other tools.

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