BevSuite Launches AI-Driven Email Platform For Wine Retailers

June 5, 2023

(San Francisco, California) — Artificial Intelligence tools are at the heart of a newly launched email platform from BevSuite. Built by technology and wine professionals who held leadership positions at some of the world’s largest wine retailers, the BevSuite email platform enables wine retailers to create compelling promotional emails in a fraction of the time and with higher sales conversion.

BevSuite’s goal is to provide wine merchants with a comprehensive suite of business management tools, beginning with cutting-edge marketing software. The email marketing platform is based on a custom machine learning engine that aggregates data on more than 500,000 wines and spirits, along with their images, real-time pricing, and product reviews. By providing just the names of the wines to be offered, in seconds the BevSuite platform will create an email with promotional copy, product images, reviews, and real-time average retail price. The email can then be customized and edited by the retailer. 

BevSuite’s initial product launch marks just the beginning of its ambitious mission to simplify the complex world of selling wines & spirits.
Retailers Can Quickly Craft High-Converting Email Offers with AI

"We have witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by wine retailers when attempting to adapt generic tools to the unique requirements of the wine industry. This often leads to time-consuming efforts and subpar conversion rates compared to other industries," notes BevSuite founder Paul Kavanagh. “We set out to solve these problems and quickly realized that incorporating modern AI technology would drastically decrease the time it took wine retailers to generate high-converting promotional emails.''
BevSuite is led by Kavanagh, who was Chief Technology Officer at a renowned California wine merchant, one of the world’s most successful wine retail operations. The BevSuite team also includes Will Doolittle and Tom Madej, who both held leadership positions at the world’s leading wine retail and tech companies.
BevSuite’s current and upcoming benefits include:
1. Time savings - AI-generated subject lines and email copy
2. Increased sales - AI-powered customer segmentation optimizes target audience
3. Lower costs - cheaper than Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Constant Contact
4. Information at your fingertips - aggregated data on 500,000 wines and spirits
5. Simplicity - stop struggling with generic tools

“Email remains the most efficient and profitable tool for wine retail marketing, but to date there was nothing that was purpose-built for this industry”, explains Kavanagh. “Addressing this giant-sized hole was our aim from the outset and with the launch of BevSuite we are excited to offer a game-changing platform to retailers looking to streamline operations and grow their business.”

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Founded in the Bay Area in 2022 by an experienced group of technology and wine professionals from the most successful companies in both sectors, BevSuite implements AI-powered solutions for wine and spirit retailers. Its AI-driven email platform automates the creation of customized promotional emails, speeds design and writing of emails by 10x, and delivers access to aggregated data on more than 500,000 wines and spirits, all at an affordable price. For more information see

BevSuite is endorsed by the National Association of Wine Retailers.